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Hello, I'm Vetpetmon! I'm the creator of The Dogs and a MSPFA fan adventure called Futurestuck. You may also know me as something else. It really depends on how you found me or my content. I also program, animate, make music and art, and play games!

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(I have obtained a Virus through Tumblr because of it's advertisements, so I have left Tumblr forever. Alternative blog is found on my official Discord server in #vetpetmon-blog) or in VPM-SPECIALS

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What am I up to right now?

Merry Christmas and may we mourn for our lost: The Internet.

It's been almost two weeks ever since the man who made me almost a bit racist and gave me a better idea of what to do for a living repealed net neutrality for everyone in the United States. That man's name is Ajit Pai, and I seriously would punch his ever so punchable face. Look! I even punched his face through my iPhone 4's screen and felt satisfied!
Anyway, I'm getting a bit off track here. I'm just going to post about what seemingly only matters to everyone else, even though it won't be long until I can no longer post content, since I'm expecting a $670 tax on the internet, and a bonus 7%-11% tax from the tyrant of the USA: Donald Trump. Yes, I will have to shut down for good if USA manages to kill itself for not overthrowing SOMETHING before the Nuclear War-- Oh wait, the war's already started, darnit.
So here's the only good news in this post: I got a tablet with a screen on it at last! 4 years late, though. I won't be able to have a need to use it if the world goes to complete and utter sheet.

ABOUT FUTURESTUCK: Futurestuck is fine. It's still being worked on, I'm just rewriting it for a sixth time and making further panel plans. It takes years to make a well-planned and well thought out comic/fanventure, especially when I have over 70 characters I have to work with, on top of the main 12 characters, and three of their alternate selves. Don't worry, everything will be a-ok.

Yooooo, thank y'all for the games!

Recently, on my official servers (BOTH OF THEM!), I've started doing/planning donator perks! Ever since my firends have been gifting me games, it's finally time that I give them rewards!

These awards, of course, start at the donator role on the servers, as well as FIVE commissions that get up to (or around) this much detail:

(Anywhere around that is good, but you can trade 2 base color layers for some flatter shading and 1 layer of basic details.

Give me $25 worth or more on Steam and we're instantly friends, with 5 more commissions per $25 that can go up to higher amounts of details! With simply just the donator role alone, you get access to a good amount of HIDDEN channels that usually require you to level up to at least level 25, but with a $25 value gift, you get access to the FRIEND ZONES as well!

(Alsodon'ttellanyonethatthedonatorroleincludes instantaccessto#behind-the-scenes.)

Yup, the site is finally on a stable build.

Hooray! This means that the site is finally comeplete in it's currently much needed layout for much needed pages such as the arts page. If it isn't too obvious, the site is also themed more towards SNAZ OS/SNAZture, in order to fit within the current VPM theme as well as the most important character throughout The Internets.

Enjoy my snazzy and new art page, as a new portfolio page is coming soon for those interested in that kind of stuff.


I'd suggest you keep a close eye on Futurestuck (it's still not dead) for the next update, I'm I'm NOT telling you that it is coming soon (why the popsicle sticks would I even tell you that?) Turns out that even though panel creation is slow, Futurestuck will come back from it's unrestful grave. Prepare for the most unholy thing that has been created as a result of my insanity.

Nothing with a chance of a Futurestuck revival

That's right, There's someone else in charge of doing the panels for Futurestuck. More info coming soon on that.