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There's no way how someone other than me could know if I'm actually being productive or not.

~Weekly Build~

Hello, I'm Vetpetmon! I'm the creator of The Dogs, a webcomic mainly about two alien species fighting in a never-ending war. You may also know me as something else. It really depends on how you found me or my content. I also program, animate, make music and art, and play games!

Current statistics:

Age: 13 Years

Music produced in data ammount: 1.09 GB

The Dogs updates: 15 main updates, 13 hotfixes, 3 minor updates

Find me on these websites

Google+ / Youtube

Official Discord Server / (Futurestuck Discord)

(I have obtained a Virus through Tumblr because of it's advertisements, so I have left Tumblr forever. Alternative blog is found on my official Discord Server in #vetpetmon-blog)

Weekly Build specials



What am I up to right now?

TD on hiatus and website is getting many pages remade

Pretty self explanitory. TD is currently getting a HTML5 game and with school, Futurestuck, and other things needing attention this is taking longer than I planed. Plus the website, plus the website...

Time to shill.

Okay, don't check MSPFA. The "Futurestuck has been created/updated" thingamajig is no longer there. Though you might see that update notification again one day.

On a more serious note, The Dogs's update schedule has been moved down to a more steady and slow pace that I can now actually manage with now that I'm working on 3 big projects. Plus, remember when Twogondog said "some 'stuck in the future' thing"? Well, turns out that this accidential leak hinted a FAN ADVENTURE of some sort. Now that it's been FINALLY released after 4 months of planning, I've started turning it into my very first FAN ADVENTURE. A Homestuck Fanventure, to top that! Yes, I know I'm trash, but seriously, I'm working as hard as I can to make it good for a first fanventure. I'm very excited to reveal a fanventure about the Homestuck characters suddenly getting stuck 5 billion years into the future! Oh, and one thing:

There's MAJOR HOMESTUCK SPOILERS, so please read Homestuck first! However, if you haven't read Homestuck before, you're going to be confused at the maxium level you could ever reach. So yeah, read the canon Homestuck first.

(Futurestuck's age rating will be 13+) Aaanyway, if you had finished reading Homestuck, click on this new, shiny blue link and wait for the updates to roll out of my studio and onto your computer screen.

The Dogs Year 2

I'm proud to say that TD itself has reached over 30 pages and 70 images and GIFs in length, including two Flashes. I'm comming up with more ways to enhance it now, including more info on Nochivans and Katerians, the VPM universe, and much, much more!