Welcome to my website

Probably with a cool and new look, or a cool and better look.

~Weekly Build~

Hello, I'm Vetpetmon! I'm the creator of The Dogs and a MSPFA fan adventure called Futurestuck. You may also know me as something else. It really depends on how you found me or my content. I also program, animate, make music and art, and play games!

Current statistics:

Age: 13 Years

Music produced in data amount: 1.15 GB (.WAV files)

The Dogs updates: 16 main updates, 13 hotfixes, 3 minor updates

Find me on these websites

Google+ / Youtube

Official Discord Server / (Futurestuck Discord)

(I have obtained a Virus through Tumblr because of it's advertisements, so I have left Tumblr forever. Alternative blog is found on my official Discord Server in #vetpetmon-blog)

Weekly Build specials



What am I up to right now?

Weekly update

Well, this is a pretty late hotfix to be called as an update. Oh well. At least I hope I fixed the website for my mobile user buds.

God, don't I just hate optimizing for mobile? At least I'm not making two separate sites for two different types of devices. Why do people even browse websites on their phone anyway?It's slow and inefficient and overall a terrible device to use to browse the internet.

Major website update

Yeah, this is to make y'all believe I am still working on this website. Look around, it looks more different, and I'm about to get rid of the Wolfimation use here. There's some special content, but if you find it, don't tell anyone how you found it. (just kidding, it's in the comics page)

Noticable diferences here include the site taking up more space on your screen (even more noticable for my desktop friends) and yes, I fixed the site right after that video came out. the images are completely fine and wont hide text.

TD on hiatus and website is getting many pages remade

Pretty self explanitory. TD is currently getting a HTML5 game and with school, Futurestuck, and other things needing attention this is taking longer than I planed. Plus the website, plus the website...